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Accommodations Online. understands your desire to have personal information kept private, and we take the job of ensuring confidentiality seriously.

How we use your information
When you make a reservation through the Accommodations Online or one of its affiliates, we will provide the travel provider with a limited amount of information about you. We share only the information required (including credit card information when applicable) for the purpose of placing and confirming your reservation with the designated travel provider.

How your personal data is stored
All of your data is transmitted via an encrypted message (SSL) to our servers. Once we receive this information, we store it in a secured database. We do not store credit card data, but this data may be stored by the designated travel provider.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed
Accommodations Online. guarantees the privacy of the information you submit to us while making travel arrangements. We will not sell or otherwise release this information to any third party. We use the information exclusively for booking reservations and internal accounting purposes.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy please email Accommodations Online. at [email protected].

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